This is a little moment of victory for me.

For all the art I love, I have precious little of it framed, let alone a hard copy I can hold in my hands! That’s becoming more important to me. Seeing art digitally is great, but sometimes I forget it’s a supplement to the physical thing.

John William Waterhouse has been one of my favorites… I used to pour over his work when I was younger. The colors and brushstrokes are intoxicating. The other day I was at the Pittock Mansion gift shop (Portland, OR! yes, I traveled!) and saw this beautiful painting on a note card.  I had to get it. It was barely $4, and it’s a totally legitimate way of getting more art in one’s life.

From a box of frames beside my table, I dug out this frame (I had bought for photo shoot that never made it to the light of day) and quickly plopped it in. There she was. My old/new friend I can look at up close anytime I want. Like a little guardian of beauty.

And then this afternoon I decided to treat myself to more… I ordered a couple things from Cory Godbey‘s shop which I’ve long admired. It’s easy enough for me to collect beautiful things, but I’m liking this consciously adding art to my surroundings.

So here’s to more art in my hands, in my studio…. and in your life and heart, and hands, too!