If I could share the number one thing I have most benefited from the blogosphere, it would be “meeting” women who have inspired me in godliness and femininity. My parents’ teaching have been echoed back to me through the writings of these women.

So today I want to share a list of some of the Titus 2 women I’ve encountered, and been emboldened by, in the blogosphere.

Mom, at Robin’s Egg Blue – My mother, my daily example who’s taught me so much! All these other blogs only add a resounding weight to what she and Daddy have already taught me.

Ann Voscamp, at Holy Experience – Every posts she writes is an artistic gem of wisdom and reflection. I always come away refreshed and inspired.

Rebecca, at Renaissance – She gives me great heart-aches for motherhood with her beautiful children and posts on being a homemaker. Just one darling lady!

Sarah Mae, at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee – This friend has a beautiful heart, so transparent and loving. Her posts are fun, thought-provoking, and convicting. Sarah writes on a whole host of topics, and you’re sure to come away uplifted.

Rhonda, at Sarah’s Daughters – “Drops of pearls” is the first description that came to mind, and that’s exactly what her posts are. Brew yourself a cup of tea and take some time to soak up her wisdom.

June, at A Wise Woman Builds Her House – Full of beautiful art work and quotes, the aesthetics alone draw me. I have only recently subscribed to her blog, but she is another a lady of wisdom I am already thankful for.

Jennie Chancey, at Ladies Against Feminism and Sense and Sensibility – The LAF site has kept me and my family updated on news related femininity and the biblical family. We have many patterns from S&S and we deeply appreciate the work that has gone into these historical and feminine patterns.

– Who are some of your favorite blogging Titus 2 Women? –

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