From May 9 – June 1, $10 from every “Library” print sale in my Etsy shop will be donated to the Little Tait Preemie Fund. To order, click here.

Little Tait was born on November 6, 2008 at 3:29 pm, a 27 week preemie weighing 2 pounds 9 ounces, and 14¼ inches long. He and his family spent several months in the hospital as God used the doctors to help sustain his life. After 3 months he was allowed to go home, doing very well.

Tait’s parents, Tait and Lauren Zimmerman now have to pay the neonatology bill. It was originally $186,769  but was negotiated and reduced to $51,644.35. If it isn’t paid by June 4th, it will be raised to the original amount. Tait and Lauren have decided not to accept government support, as this would restrict their control in the care of their little boy.

Would you like to help Little Tait and his parents? I will be donating $10 of every “Library” print sale to the Little Tait Fund! If you choose to help them by buying a print, be sure it’s before June 2.

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Thank you and God bless!