Last Tuesday was the big day. We had completely finished the paper dolls, read and re-read everything, and then kissed it goodbye. As we uploaded them to the printer’s website, I cranked up Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus (a favorite).

Every step of the way God was teaching me to lean on Him. Learned to trust. Trust Him for strength. . . endurance. . . inspiration. . . His timing. When I felt I was running dry, I only had to ask and He filled me up.

His sovereignty and timing is so perfect. Once or twice someone forgot an important email had come. A date on the calendar would approach, anxiety would set in. And then we realized all was in place and we had everything we needed. It was one step at a time, trusting Him with the process, the results, trusting Him to provide what we didn’t know we needed.

He is always faithful. Always has been and always will be. And through something as seemingly insignificant as a new series of paper dolls, He’s showing me how beautiful it is to let go and really trust.