A. My art table is populated by a band of time-tested classic art supplies, and has been recently expanded to include a few newfangled tools. The specific materials vary from project to project, but here’s a general list of resources and materials I’m currently blessed to use:

Art Tools

– kneaded erasers, pencil sharpener

– Sketch books, drawing paper (I really like Canson)

– Derwent and Prismacolor Drawing pencils

(always look for sales or coupons when buying nice pencils!)

– Arches watercolor paper, 140lb cold press

– large votive glasses for water

– books ends (to prop up books and, well, props)

– stacks of books to raise the work surface

– paper towels

– wooden boards for support, lap work, etc.

– Winsor & Newton Watercolors

– masking tape

– an assortment of brushes (I like medium rounds and flats)

– 15″ MacBook Pro, Photoshop (CS5)

– Wacom Bamboo tablet for drawing in PS

– Nikon D60 for reference photos