The Studio is coming along nicely with only a few more things to finish up.  Dad has sealed the windows off with plastic to keep out the winter drafts, and I’ve added two more lamps to my collection for extra light.

I’d like to replace the lace curtains if I can find a good bargain, and I’ll need something for the light fixture.

In the bottom right corner you can see that one of the bookshelves was painted, where I keep more of my books.  I have yet to figure out a better way to store my knitting and sewing supplies, but they can stay under the table as long as they need to.

And here is one of my new favorite spots in the house.  On the opposite side of the room from my table is a comfy chair and stand.  The old easel stored behind the table and chair is for purely compositional and aesthetic reasons, but the little table and chair are just right for my daily quiet time.

This room has been such a blessing to work in.  A northern window, beautiful antique wood trim and floor, and a large table . . . sigh.  Thank you, Lord!