Abigail Adams was always supportive of her country’s cause, but after witnessing the Battle of Bunker Hill near her home and hearing about the resulting death of a family friend, her patriotic spirit was even further aroused. Momma found this beautiful story in a biography:

Image from TV Guide

“One day Johnny (John Quincy) came into the house to find his mother and his uncle Elihu. . . in the kitchen, putting all his mother’s treasured pewter spoons into a large kettle. As Johnny watched his mother calmly directing the activity in her quiet voice, he slowly began to understand that they were melting down her precious pewter to make bullets. As his eyes met hers across the room, he felt a surge of love and pride.

“‘Do you wonder,’ said John Quincy Adams sixty-eight years later, “that a boy of seven who witnessed this scene should be a patriot?'”

From Abigail Adams, by Natalie S. Bober

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