I often ask myself—when I need clarity, when I need to reevaluate, when I need to once again find that spot on the horizon—I ask, “What do I really want?” or rather, “What does God want?”

What are my motives? Do they honor God? Are they fine things to desire, but not the best? What “best” does God want me to pursue?

Oh, what life. How full, and yet how short. What do I want?

I will shove aside all peripheral desires and point at the One Thing that only matters:

It is the Lord, my Salvation. His glory, to glorify Him. In Him is the fullness we desire. Only He will satisfy the cravings of the empty soul, only He can mend the broken heart, only He can give a reason—the strength—to live. He is the reward for those who love Him and serve Him. And only He could love us so much and be so patient, and slowly woo us as His Bride.

What a glorious God He is! And How I love Him!

It truly amazes me—it baffles and confounds my flesh-bound wisdom—when I think about all the riches we have in Christ, and that He chose us to give them to. What love! Everything I am, everything I have is from Him—and I ought to give to Him!

You may think, “Living and dying for this may be a romantic idea, but what does this look like? Are you going to become a stiff Puritan and become blind to the ‘real life’ outside your imagination?”

My friend, if you think there is anything real outside of the reality God has created, you know not reality. To live is Christ, and to die is gain.