Today was one of those mild winter days that feels like Spring. Through my studio window I could see dark rain clouds slowly passing by, giving shadow and sun. All the while small white clouds hurried along in the Spring breeze. With a few hours of daylight left and the golden hour coming on, I desperately wanted to enjoy the surprise weather. So down went the pencil and paper, and out for a walk I went.

Almost all the snow has melted, and even though it’s January, I couldn’t help looking for buds. The flowers must not have noticed the calendar, because I found that the daffodils, irises, and Chionodoxa (above) were already pushing up the dirt about themselves. Today I learned that Chionodoxa is also called “Glory of the snow”; I’m hoping it snows while they’re blooming just so I can see. And those wild musk hyacinths growing behind them, well, they just don’t stop growing.

Walking back toward the house, two or three sparrows caught my eye. They were sneaking in and out of the hedge for what reason I don’t know, but I’m glad they’re back. Come summer, a whole flock of them will hide in the hedge and fall silent when we walk by. Funny when you realize you’ve missed the little things.

The unexpected day reminded me of the surprises God sends us — God’s Providence is simply amazing. He weaves the smallest details into the most beautiful designs. When we take the time to consider the tapestry only He could orchestrate, we wonder why we weren’t paying closer attention from the beginning.