As I wrote this post, I realized that there’s much to be said about fields and clouds and sunsets. They become a surprisingly large part of a person’s life. Since I’m sure you all can relate, I’ll be as concise as affection will allow and let these few humble pictures tell the rest of the stories for themselves.

↑ The Southwest view from the back yard. This is where we watch storm heads roll over us.

The North, north-east view from the backyard. It’s spacious for everything from large gatherings and a garden, to walking the dog and general delightfulness.

This next view is the North, north-west sky from our front porch. From there, one evening last summer, a dramatic sunset (not pictured) looked like a fleet of Viking ships sailing up to a rocky shore. Yes, it did, and it was probably the most grand cloud scene I’ve ever mentally recorded in my life so far (does anyone else do that?). This is also a good spot for watching local fireworks.

So that’s a glimpse of what the summer sky looks like around here. The weather’s always changing and therefore the clouds, but it’s always beautiful and it’s always home. : )

 Now, let’s welcome Fall, shall we?