Some days “delighting in the Lord” is easier than other days. But most of the time it’s rather simple.

“Margaret Gretchen Strong” by Frank Weston Benson, 1909

Today could have become one of those “other” days — it’s overcast and nothing exciting is on the schedule. Summer’s ending and it feels like I have done the same thing a hundred times. But as I stood in the kitchen, doing what I’ve done a hundred times and then some, I had a bubbling thought —

There’s so much to adore about the Lord!

Finding Joy can be as simple as accepting His love toward me in spite of myself. I have to take my eyes off all my yuckiness that He’s already begun clearing away, and look up at Him in adoration. (I will often need to ask for His help to even get started.) Why get trapped in all my depressing introspection when there’s all this beauty and wonder and glory and soul-satisfying truth right in front of me?

So I decided to delight myself in the Lord.

That’s when joy comes.